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Satt Music is a one stop shop for all of your music and entertainment needs... Whether it is studio work, radio servicing, distribution, gig referrals, engineering and more... Satt Music can assist you with taking your performing arts career to the next level.  Let us help you perfect your artistic passions.  It's easy to connect with us for a free consult.  Below  is a listing of available services and a brief intake.  A representative will contact within 72 hrs.  

Services included but not limited too... 

  • Professional Recording (in studio and on site)

  • Video Filming and Creation

  • Music Compilation and Scoring

  • Song Writing and Publishing

  • Global Radio Play 

  • Total Promotions of Products and Film Recordings

  • Industry Presentation

  • Tour Scheduling (when available)

  • Distribution (local, abroad, digital and in store)

be sure to submit below for a free consultation

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K. Satt
Owner, Producer
Lenny Harris
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