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K   Satt

The Man and The History Behind Satt Music
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K  Satt

KEITH SATTERFIELD, Bassist, Writer, Arranger, Producer. Keith Satterfield is literally cut from music royalty.  Keith is the eldest son of the famed Bassist and Trombonist, LOUIS SATTERFIELD.  Keith, also known these days as Satt, was taught music under the tutelage of his farther.  In the early years while growing up in Chicago, Satt would go to Chess Records and watch legendary sessions by iconic artists, such as; Muddy Waters, The Four Tops, Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon and KoKo Taylor.  Super Producer Charles Stepney, was the producer on most of those sessions at Chess Records. He utilized a core group of talent, which included LOUIS SATTERFIELD on Bass and MAURICE WHITE on drums.  These two were the most consistent musicians on these sessions.
 In Satt's early teens, His father Louis, shifted from bass to trombone forming the legendary “PHOENIX HORNS”. Earth Wind & Fire’s Horn Section. Satt Witnessed up close the Rise of EARTH WIND & FIRE and Phoenix Horns who went on to play with an array of other artists, like PHILL COLLINS, The JACKSONS, and GENESIS.  

Satt continued to develop as a musician while touring the country and honing his skills as a writer/composer, arranger and producer. Satt’s farther/hero/mentor, Louis Satterfield, passed away September 2004 which signaled a passing of the torch. After years of woodshedding, gigging and developing his production skills, Satt put his sights on the creation of a Contemporary Jazz Project, with the help of some of LA’s top musician friends.  Satt has developed a style and approach to his music that is unique and undeniably -- top shelf. One would expect nothing less than stellar creativity from Keith Satterfield who was exposed to and influenced by some of the best musical artist ever! We invite you to sit back, enjoy, and experience Keith Satterfield’s great music that flows from the Soul.

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