Look For Us

You can always check here to see where we will be next.  Whether it's out with our clients on tour or at one of the many showcases, conferences, awards shows, events... Satt Music is sure to be in the place so be sure to look for us

Satt Music... providing content to Serious XM and giving artists major airplay on global networks and platforms... Servicing R&B, Jazz, Country, Rock, Pop, Gospel and more

Satt Music... providing distribution worldwide through Tri-Satt Sounds Music Group with up to 4500 outlets/partners and giving artists digital and in store distribution... 

We offer many ways of monetization, via Dailymotion, Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo... Radio, TV, 10+ newspapers and major news sites like ABC, NBC, CBS are also part of our partnerships roster.  We ensure press releases are submitted to all the principal search engines like google, yahoo, bing/msn...etc as well as keeping your brand moving forward with a strong social media presence.  We offer very strong digital/in store distribution with over 4000 digital and physical retail partners.  We also specialize in music placement/licensing with over 2000 partners including Major League Baseball, NBA, NFL, EA Sports...etc and Magazine distribution up to 1000 outlets and music blog partners like Jungle Indie Rock, AllHipHop.com, Pitchfork, Pop Justice, MusicCafe and so much more.